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Club Events

Pike County Wheeling 4 A Cause hosts many members only events throughout the year: Scholarship Run, Veterans Appreciation Dinner, Father's Day Run, 4th of July Run, and Halloween Night Run. We sponsor 2 big events: The Illini 4x4 Safari which is held in the Spring and the 4x4 Blast which is held in late Summer. These two events are open to the public.

4x4 Blast

The 4×4 Blast is held in August of each year.  Its inception was in 1999.  In contrast to the May event, August in Pike County is traditionally very dry.  We are cognizant of the fire hazards on the private land that we run on.  Though the dry conditions allow us to see a lot more trail than in May it is still very challenging.

The 4×4 Blast is an event that is open to the public.  Please review the guidelines for Vehicle Requirements and Limitations for Public Events.

Participation is limited to 150 vehicles. Entry fee is $135 per vehicle (including driver) and $85 for each passenger over 10. This includes 4 meals meals (2 breakfast, 2 supper for each person), dash plaque, raffle ticket, and 2 days of trails.

Corn canival trail Milton, IL_edited_edi
4X4 Blast
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